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Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Glass Your Shower Doors

Even though the glass that resides inside the frame of your shower doors is tempered and fairly resilient, enough force can cause them to break. It is much more financially feasible to simply replace the glass instead of replacing the full shower door. However, replacing the glass in a shower door is far different than replacing glass in a window, which is why most homeowners only trust a qualified professional for the job. Nevertheless, here is a quick look at a few mistakes you must work to avoid if you plan to install the glass in your shower doors on your own. 

Mistake: Picking up a regular piece of glass for replacement. 

Why? Even if the glass in your shower door looks just like regular glass, it is actually much different in construction. Shower door glass is usually tempered, which means it has gone through a process to make sure it is highly resilient to changes in temperature, which is something that traditional glass definitely is not. Plus, shower door glass is usually thicker and less prone to breakage or cracks. If you replace the shower door glass with regular glass, you will likely be replacing it again pretty quickly because it cannot withstand the usage. 

Mistake: Not cleaning away all of the caulking before installing the new glass panel. 

Why? Caulking is used around the glass of a shower door frame to keep it firmly in place and ward off moisture. However, when you remove an old panel of shower door glass and plan to replace it, all of the old caulking must be removed. Otherwise, the glass panel will not fit securely into the frame, which can make it prone to mold and mildew and also prevent the glass from being securely held in place inside of the frame. 

Mistake: Tightening hardware around the frame of the door too tightly during installation. 

Why? Most shower doors have small fasteners that hold the panel of glass in place, which will have to be removed before inserting the new glass. When you tighten these hardware pieces in place after glass installation, you have to be extremely careful not to overtighten them. Doing so can actually damage the new glass panel because it will not be able to withstand the heavy pressure against it. Too many homeowners tighten up the hardware a bit too much and accidentally crack their brand new glass panel. 

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