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3 Tips To Help You Restore The Shine To Your Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are known for their durability and shine with minimal maintenance. However, it is important to take some specific steps to care for your granite's appearance and repair any damage. Here are three tips to help you restore the shine to your granite countertops.

Remove Residue

When your granite countertop is situated in your kitchen, it can be exposed to grease and oil from cooking and soap from washing. This can cause it to become covered in a thin residue layer that makes your once-shiny granite surface dull. You can periodically clean off residue that dulls its surface, especially near the sink and near your stove top.

Acetone is a solvent solution that will break down these film layers on your granite without damaging its surface. You can find acetone at most home improvement stores.

Apply some acetone to a rag and rub it over the dull-surfaced granite. The acetone will quickly dissolve the film. Follow this up by rinsing the surface with warm water and drying it with a clean cloth.

Buff Off Surface Scratches

As your granite surface gets used as a cutting surface or to place sharp-edged items, it can become scratched with tiny surface scratches. Fortunately, there are methods to buff them from the granite without having to refinish the entire countertop. 

You can find a granite polishing powder at most home improvement stores or from your local granite dealer. This type of product comes in a powder form, which you combine with water to make a paste. Then, using a cloth, rub the paste onto the scratches on your granite's surface. Use circular motions to buff the scratches from the surface until they are no longer visible. Wipe the polishing powder from the counter with a clean, wet cloth until the residue has been removed.

Another method is to use a steel wool pad and some water to remove the scratches by buffing. Be sure to use steel wool that is a super fine grade, so you don't add more scratches to your granite by inadvertently using a coarse grade steel wool pad. 

Reapply Sealant 

After you have removed residue and buffed scratches from your surface, you may need to reapply a surface sealant. This restores the full shine and smoothness to your granite countertop. 

Clean your countertop using soap, water, and a cloth to prepare it for new sealant. Then apply the sealant by spraying it onto the surface and smoothing it with a clean cloth to adhere an even coat onto the surface. Allow the sealant to dry thoroughly before you apply an additional coat.

Use these tips to help you restore the shine to your granite countertop. For more information about granite countertops, contact companies like Artisan Granite & Marble.