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Talking About Home And Garden Upkeep

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Installing And Maintaining A Sprinkler Systems For Your Landscape

Sprinkler systems are pretty common in yards and areas filled with grass and plants. They make watering easier because they are automated and once they are set up, you can leave them alone to do what they are designed to do. But what about areas that are heavily landscaped and have very little grass? They can still benefit from an automatic sprinkler system installed in them.

Integrating Your Sprinklers

When you are looking at installing a sprinkler system for landscaping around your yard, taking the design of the landscaping into account when designing the system will make for a cleaner, more discreet watering system. While the pipes that feed the system run underground, the heads of the system will stick up through the soil. Hiding them in the rocks, plants and other parts of the landscaping can make it appear as though they are there at all.

Installing The System

Unfortunately, if you are installing a new sprinkler system in landscaping that has already been installed, you will have to work around the plantings or take them out because the pipes that feed the system run below the ground. You may be able to dig trenches without disturbing the plants but remember that there are roots below those plants so use caution when digging. lf the landscaping is new and does not have plants in it yet, you can go ahead and install the system but be sure to work to the landscape design if there is one. It will help get the sprinklers in the right areas and make the system much more efficient.

Setting Up Zones

One benefit of installing an automated sprinkler system is that you can set up zones or sections of the system to run at different times. If you need more watering in one spot and less in another, you can set your zones so that one area runs longer than the other. If you plan the system and the plantings at the same time, you can group your plants so this is possible.

Maintaining The System

There is not a lot of work to maintain your sprinkler system once it is installed. You may need to change a head if one goes bad or repair a pipe if you get a leak in it but these are rare occurrences. If you live in a cold climate you will need to drain the system before it gets too cold to avoid damage from freezing but a properly designed system should have a water shut off and a drain built in to make it easier on you.

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