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Talking About Home And Garden Upkeep

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Security Upgrades For A New Construction Home

When you purchase a new construction home, you may assume that everything about the house will be move-in ready. However, there are some things that you'll want to upgrade or change when you move in. Here are a few security concerns your locksmith can help address in your new construction home.

Lock Re-Keying

During the course of the home's construction, many people may have had access to the building, including the keys.  This means that there may be other people out there with access to your home. If you purchased your home after it was put on the market, real estate agents, cleaning services, and a range of other individuals may have also had access to the keys. Play it safe by having your locksmith re-key all the locks on the house and garage for added protection.

Security System Installation

In some cases, the construction company might not have installed a security system as part of the build plan. If a security system was installed, it may not be the one that meets your family's individual needs. Hire a locksmith to inspect your home and determine what your security system needs are. You may be able to have the locksmith add extra cameras or motion sensors to an existing system, or you may be able to have a completely new system installed Remember that the construction crew and any subcontractors the company used may know where your cameras and sensors are situated, so moving them is a good way to improve your home's overall security. 

Baby-Proofing Equipment

Your locksmith can also help you to baby-proof your new home by installing baby gates, emergency escape ladders for the upper floors, and handrails in the bathroom. Take a loot around your new home, and search for areas that might pose a potential danger to little ones. Once you have a list of safety concerns for your new construction home, you can work with your locksmith to install protective equipment before you move in. Remember that your locksmith can also help with safety and security concerns outside too, such as wireless fencing for pets or secure locks for backyard gates to keep children safely inside the yard.

Once you've addressed all the security concerns in your new construction home, you can begin getting settled in and comfortable. Partner with a locksmith service, like Bob's Lock & Key, to protect your family by adding security systems, cameras, locks, and other equipment, and start making your new house feel like home.