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How To Choose Between Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are one of the most important lines of defense when fighting a fire. A fire extinguisher may not do what a fire engine or a fire hose can, but these handy appliances can stop a fire while it's still relatively small. This can greatly reduce the amount of damage caused as a result. However, fire extinguishers can only be useful if you have the right one when the time comes. If you're on a mission to buy fire extinguishers, you should know what to look for depending on your needs.

Choose the Right Extinguisher Size

Fire extinguishers come in different sizes. You could get some that are small as 1 kg and others that are 9 kg. The size of a fire extinguisher is important in determining its suitability for the job. A heavier fire extinguisher has more of the extinguishing agent. This means that you can use it for much longer, allowing you to put out a fire more effectively. However, a large fire extinguisher can be difficult to handle. If the fire is in an area that's difficult to access, you could find it hard to maneuver the larger extinguishers.

Consider the Types of Fires You Could Deal With

Most fires that we encounter can be handled by water. However, a water type fire extinguisher can do more harm than good in some instances. For instance, if you're dealing with a grease fire or a fire involving electrical equipment, water could cause more damage and even put your life at risk. Assess the place where the fire extinguisher is needed and consider the types of fires you're likely to deal with. Choose a type of extinguisher that can put out a fire without causing any further complications.

Read the Label Carefully

There are different features of fire extinguishers that can let you know the types of fires it's suited to handle. However, features such as the color of the cylinder will vary in certain cases. This is why it's important to pay attention to what's written on the label when you're choosing a fire extinguisher.

If you're buying a dry or wet chemical fire extinguisher, it's important to know exactly what's inside the extinguisher and what fires you shouldn't use it on. Much of the information you need on fire extinguishers will be on the label so ensure you read this and ensure that it's never removed even after the purchase.

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