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Talking About Home And Garden Upkeep

Hello, I am Murray. I am here to discuss ways you can improve your home and garden. Your home demands an immense amount of time and effort to remain aesthetically pleasing and function. You may need to utilize a wide range of products and techniques to maintain the interior and exterior of your home. Your yard also requires constant attention to avoid turning into quite a mess. Please use the information I provide to keep your home and garden in tip top shape. I hope you will visit on a regular basis to discuss this topic. Thank you for coming by.


Get Control Of The Weeds In Your Yard: What You Can Do

There's nothing worse than a beautiful green yard that is plagued with dandelions, crabgrass, clover, and other weeds. Once the weeds start, they can be difficult to get rid of. This is especially true of weeds such as creeping Charlie, which can take over your yard quickly. To help get control of the weeds in your yard, read on for tips to help you.

Fertilize Your Yard

Build the grass you already have by fertilizing your yard. A healthier lawn can help keep weeds out, but if your grass isn't healthy, it can easily be taken over by weeds. Add fertilizer to your yard by following the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. Be sure to use a seed spreader when applying the fertilizer so you don't overspread the yard. Set the seed spreader to the proper setting according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Keep Your Grass Long

Don't cut your grass too short, or you'll allow weeds to grow in. Keep the grass long to help crowd out the weeds. Change the setting on your mower so your grass is longer. This may require you to mow more often, as it will grow out quickly. 

Use Weed And Feed

Use weed and feed to control the weeds in your yard. The weed and feed will kill the weeds and allow your grass to continue to grow. Overusing weed and feed can actually damage your yard, so pay attention to the amount you should be using. Apply the weed and feed early in the morning when there's dew on the ground. You could also do it later in the evening and add water to it so it's wet but not soaking wet.

Pull Weeds

Pull out the weeds you see by the root. If you have one or two, pull it out. You can use a weed puller that helps pull them out by the root if bending over isn't something you can do. Remove the few weeds you have by hand rather than adding any more weed and feed to your yard, as adding too much can burn your yard.

Bag Your Grass Clippings

Bag your grass clippings for a little while until you can get control of the weeds in your yard. Usually spreading the clippings can help fertilize your yard, but if you have a lot of weeds, you may just be spreading the weeds around to further invade your yard. Bag your grass clippings until you get rid of the majority of your weeds, then you can mulch the grass clippings.

If you have a lot of weeds in your yard, do something to get control of them. Hire a weed control service to help give you a beautiful, green lawn that isn't overloaded with weeds.