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3 Fireplace Screen Cover Options to Look For

When looking for a fireplace screen there are a lot more features and options than you may realize. The main goal of a fireplace screen will be to prevent hot ashes from flying out of the fireplace and landing where they can start a fire. Even if the hot ashes don't start a fire, they can still damage your flooring or furniture when they come out of the fireplace and land on these things. When it comes to some other features you might want to consider, think of the following.

Glass in the design

While the screen material will be the main part of the design, some of the styles will also have glass included in them. The glass can magnify the flames and give the screen a classy look. You can get one of the fireplace screen covers that has etched glass for a nice added effect. A few examples of such designs include having filigree etching in the corners of the glass, filigree that goes around the glass to frame it, or something like flowers or tree branches that give a unique look to your fireplace.

Special metal designs

Along with the screen, you can purchase a fireplace screen cover that also has other designs that are cut into metal that is placed in front of the screen. You can find these cutouts that have different types of wildlife designs cut into the design, such as birds, bears, deer, wolves, horses, or others. You can even choose between different types of screen mesh. You can go with a tighter and finer mesh, or mesh that has larger holes, but ones that will still prevent ashes from leaving the fireplace.

Special doors

Your fireplace screen cover will have doors you will open to throw more logs into the fire, to control the fire, and to clean the fireplace. You want the doors to look good along with them being fully functional. They should open easily, so you won't run into issues when you need to get to the fire without hassle and quickly. You will also want handles on the doors that are easy for you to grab and that won't be too hot to the touch that it prevents you from opening the doors as needed.

Once you choose the right fireplace screen cover for your fireplace, you will see that it will add even more to the fireplace and give you more to appreciate.