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Benefits Of A Functioning Pool Screen Enclosure

A swimming pool is a great benefit to your house and your outdoor lifestyle. However, a pool also takes a fair amount of maintenance. Some of that maintenance, such as maintaining the proper water pH, you can't escape. However, a pool screen enclosure can help cut down on other maintenance items while also conveying its own benefit — but only if it's intact.

Below are some of the benefits a functioning pool screen enclosure can impart.

Traps Leaves and Debris

A pool enclosure consists of an aluminum framework with screens. The screens on the enclosure function similarly to how they do for your windows. When the wind blows, the screen filters out the leaves and other debris so they don't enter the area protected by the enclosure. Therefore, debris can't get into your water. Your pool filter doesn't have to work as hard then.

Any tears or lifted seams in your enclosure compromise this functionality, though.

Prevents Pests from Accessing the Pool

Many rodents like water, as do some species of snakes. What's more, some insects like to use water for their own purposes. Even local pets that are allowed to roam free might be drawn to your swimming pool. While some of the above pests might just congregate, others might fall in and perish. The enclosure prevents their access.

Rodents are one of the prime reasons you might get holes in your enclosure — they can worm through small areas, which leaves the area open to other pests.

Keeps Pets and Kids Safe from the Pool

In a similar vein, a screened-in pool enclosure locks the swimming area uptight. Most HOAs require that you fence in your pool anyway to keep children and pets from accidentally falling in. They have strict guidelines for the height of the fence and the configuration of the pickets. The screen enclosure replaces the fence in that instance.

Small children and, especially, pets can clamber through surprisingly small seams, though.

Offers More Shade Options

Pool enclosures come in different styles related to the size and shape of the screens that make up the structure. Some have closely spaced frames while others feature wide expanses of the screen. All of the screens filter the light so you're not in direct sunlight.

The more closely spaced screens filter more light. You also have the option to replace some of the screens with a finer mesh, which filters out more light.

As experts advise, maintenance and immediate repair will help your pool screen enclosure last for years. Reap the above benefits of a functioning enclosure by following that advice.

To learn more information, reach out to a pool enclosure repair company near you.