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Talking About Home And Garden Upkeep

Hello, I am Murray. I am here to discuss ways you can improve your home and garden. Your home demands an immense amount of time and effort to remain aesthetically pleasing and function. You may need to utilize a wide range of products and techniques to maintain the interior and exterior of your home. Your yard also requires constant attention to avoid turning into quite a mess. Please use the information I provide to keep your home and garden in tip top shape. I hope you will visit on a regular basis to discuss this topic. Thank you for coming by.


6 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Small changes can significantly reduce the carbon footprint- and the toll on the environment- that your household leaves behind. Do something that helps foster habits in children and focus on being kinder to the environment whenever you can and know that generations of your family will enjoy this world for years to come.

Six simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint are:

1. Use Eco-Friendly Tumblers

Save on the environment by reusing cups and tumblers rather than use paper or plastic that could end up in a landfill. Choose eco friendly stainless-steel tumblers and save money over time by refilling and reusing your cups at home and on-the-go. These reusable tumblers make excellent gifts for all ages, too.

2. Eat a Vegetarian Meal or Two

Another effective way of reducing harm to the environment is to eat less meat. This is a touchy subject but rather than focus on vegetarianism, simply try to omit a meat-centered meal or two each week. It is estimated that a single pound of ground beef takes over 5,000 gallons of water to produce; curb this toll by substituting other proteins every so often.  

3. Grow Your Own

Practice sustainability by growing your own food. Consider edible gardens, container plants, or simple pots with herbs. Set up a small system to collect rainwater and use this for irrigating your plants all season. Pass this knowledge on by teaching a young person how to garden, too.

4. Save Water

Start looking for ways to save and conserve water in your everyday life. For instance, start turning the water off when brushing your teeth or install a simple and easy toilet dam to save gallons each time you flush. Make a point of curbing water usage and feel good about giving back to the environment.

5. Skip Aerosol Cans

Get away from using aerosol cans whenever possible. These pressurized cans emit toxins into the air and can be challenging to recycle. Opt instead for alternatives to aerosol, like spray pump bottles that don't have the same impact on the air around you.

6. Repurpose and Reuse

Done with some clothing or belongings? Don't throw them out; instead, donate clothing to used thrift stores or groups that resell these items. Make sure that you also buy from these same vendors to help keep these organizations in business during these tough economic times.

Want to make the world a better place? Start by reducing the harm done every day with these simple strategies that are budget-friendly, too. Utilize these six tips to foster a more eco-friendly environment in your home today, and that children will remember tomorrow.