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Talking About Home And Garden Upkeep

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What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

One would think that very little that has changed in the world of concrete. After all, the surface that serves as the foundation to our homes and the sidewalks we stroll on isn't thought of much. It's just there, requiring little thought as to how it arrived in the first place. Ask most concrete people, and they'll tell you that's the way it should be. Usually, when people start noticing concrete it's because of something that's wrong, so the less that people notice it, the better.

Maybe that's why ready mix cement suppliers have found such a niche as of late. These massive cement trucks that see you rolling down the street provide a valuable — albeit, unseen — service to our communities every single day. They deliver concrete that is fresh, mixed perfectly, and ready for pouring immediately upon arrival, minimizing the amount of time they're seen on site.

But what is ready mix cement?

Like a Concrete Catering Service

Like a caterer that is preparing for fifteen different weddings, ready mix cement suppliers custom make their batch of cement for every different occasion. They use specialized equipment at the factory to create a batch of concrete at just the right mixture, load it up into the back of a truck that has a rotating tank, and deliver it straight to the job site. The type of batch created depends on what the job requires, so the RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) that is used for a foundation will be different than one for a house foundation, for instance. Whenever you hire ready mix cement supplier services, they'll ask you the details of your project to create the mix that is right for you.

Like a Mobile Chemistry Class

Despite what people think, ready mix cement is a chemically complex substance. It's composed of cement, water, and aggregates — another term for the sand and stones that are mixed inside. Depending on the type of mix, aggregates can make up nearly 60-70% of the total volume of the cement. Additives are usually mixed inside to help with the preparation, but water is added at various stages to keep it liquified and malleable. Because concrete dries quickly, it has to be constantly in motion, so it stays inside of a mixer until loaded into the back of a truck. Because of the myriad of uses that this type of concrete can provide, ready mix cement suppliers are constantly in demand — a trait that is only going to increase as time goes on.

Talk to a concrete supplier, like P & L  Concrete Products Inc & Garden Center, to learn more.